Our Programs

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
3-Year Old Preschool Class


Our 3-year old program focuses on the routines of school a school day and social aspects of school.  The goal is to help students adapt to what may be their first school experience.  They learn about sharing, taking turns and following directions as well as exploring their colors, letters, numbers and shapes.


Children must be 3 by September 1st to enter the class.

Classes are Tuesday and Thursday for 2.5 hours. Morning and afternoon classes are offered.  


Payment for our 2-Day Class is $1,035 divided into 9 equal payments of $115


4-Year Old Preschool Class


Our 4-year old program focuses more on academics because we know that children headed to Kindergarten will need a strong foundation. The focus in these classes are on fine motor skills, letter and sound recognition, number and math concepts and social skills needed for a successful transition into a Kindergarten classroom.


Children must be 4 by September 1st to enter the class.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 5 day classes are available. Each class meets for for 2.5 hours. Morning and afternoon classes are offered.  


Payment for our 3-Day Class is $1,350 divided into 9 equal payments of $150

Payment for our 5-Day class is $1,845 divided into 9 equal payments of $205


Bethel Nursery School is a State Licensed Private Nursery School and as such is able to create it's own curriculum and child-centered activities.   We do not have a rigid or strict curriculum that we follow from year to year because each year the children in our classrooms shape how we teach.  We do, however, have principals and philosophies that we base our teaching methods, lessons and activities on.


Our number one goal, however, is to create a SAFE, CARING environment where children can learn in a DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE way.  This means you will not find a lot of papers and busy work.  You will see a lot of beautiful preschool art work that was created by children while they learned how to follow directions, count the correct number of objects to add and identify the colors they used.  You will also see a lot of play – because we believe that preschoolers do a significant amount of learning from each other and their social interaction.  You will also see teachers talking to their students because a lot of the learning that little ones do at this age is through talking, sharing and listening.